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Exceptional Industrial Adhesives

Industrial adhesives manufacturer Abrabond Ltd is one of the UK’s premium independent suppliers of industrial adhesives.  Our philosophy is to provide our customers with bespoke solutions that fully meet their adhesive requirements.  We also offer off-the-shelf adhesive, resin and sealant products.

In fact, we believe we are a very different kind of adhesive company.  How so?

Well, to begin with, we feel the package we offer our customers is truly unique, in a number of ways.
For example, our technical sales team has a combined experience of over 95 years within the industrial adhesives sector.  And our Customer Service team has over 25 years experience in our business.  Our products are manufactured in a number of locations around the globe as well as in the UK, and we stock products in five UK locations.

Full range of adhesives

What’s more, we operate our own water-based manufacturing centre in Accrington, Lancashire.   We also supply a full range of hot melt adhesives, PU products, solvent based formulations, sealants and UF resins.  Not only do we manufacture adhesives, but we also have an in-house packaging operation in four of our UK locations.  These strengths enable us to offer you the best quality product and service, on time, every time.  As you would expect, we are an ISO 9001 certified company, and we have been trading for more than 30 years.

Industrial Adhesives Specialisation…

We specialise in the manufacture and supply of adhesives to selected industries, but in particular, Packaging, Roofing, Furniture, Woodworking and Product Assembly.

Industrial Adhesives Industrial Adhesives  Industrial Adhesives  Industrial Adhesives

In 1990 the company began to diversify, and we shifted our focus from abrasive products to high performance industrial adhesives. This proved a very successful venture with exceptional year on year sales growth.  We achieved this by focusing on exceeding our customer requirements.  And this is still a core value in our company to this day.

In August 2004 we opened a second warehouse and sales office in Bradford, Yorkshire.  By doing this we provided a much more rapid response time to our customers in Northern England.  The company has since grown significantly and became part of the Corzak group of UK adhesive companies in 2016.  Today we offer a complete portfolio of adhesives and services together with full technical support, laboratory testing and reporting.

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Special products and adhesive application equipment…

We are able to supply our products in an almost unlimited number of pack sizes. We also offer special custom-made adhesive formulations which we develop and manufacture in-house and also in conjunction with a number of carefully vetted toll-producers. Throughout our business, quality and customer satisfaction is key.

Another important part of our unique package is our System Spray Division.  We advise on, and supply Glue Dispensing and Application Equipment and a complete range of spray-finishing equipment and accessories to ensure that your chosen adhesive and applicator system is fully compatible.

           Industrial Adhesives

Why not call now and challenge us to improve the profitability of your business?  We can discuss your requirements either by phone or by arranging a meeting with you in person. Alternatively you can use our Contact Form.

Abrabond Ltd and System Spray are divisions of the Corzak Group of UK industrial adhesive companies