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Other Industrial Adhesives

Furniture and Woodworking

One of the key other industrial adhesives we provide, is our range of products for the furniture and woodworking industries.  Furthermore, we have a full range of adhesives for use in the bedding and mattress sector.  Indeed, this is such a large market for Abrabond, we have a separate web site for it.  For details of this division of our business, our products, and our areas of expertise, please click on this link – www.abrabond.co.uk

Other industrial adhesives Other industrial adhesives


We are being asked increasingly to help companies in the following industries improve productivity and reduce the cost of adhesive related processes:

Automotive subcomponent

We have for some time been supplying special one and two part adhesives and hot melts to this sector for diverse applications such as sound deadening, trim, carpet bonding, air and fuel filter assembly and seat production.  What’s more we have a special range of adhesives for bonding metals to themselves, as well as thread-locking compounds, etc.

Other industrial adhesives      automotive02      Other Industrial adhesives


Sandwich panels

Manufacturers of caravan panels, insulated storage panels, uPVC Doors and raised access flooring panels are increasingly finding our knowledge and products of benefit.  Our product range includes reactive polyurethane hot melts, one and two-part liquid PU adhesives, water-based, and sprayable neoprene contact adhesives.

Other industrial adhesives Other Industrial adhesives

Pipe Jointing

We offer a range of solvent based PVC pipe cements for bonding internal plastic waste water pipes.  These are available in small and larger pack sizes.

Product Assembly and glazing

Finally, we supply a large range of other industrial adhesives into many disparate markets which we group under ‘product assembly’.  So, please contact our customer service team if you have a specialist request for any type of industrial adhesive.  We also satisfy many customers with products from the Soudal range of 310ml gun-applied sealants.  The range is large and Soudal products are used for general and very specialised sealing and double glazing applications.  

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