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Technical Service

Abrabond technical service is a crucial part of our customer service focus.  As is the quality of everything we do, e.g. we are an ISO 9001 registered company.  The quality of our products and services in particular, are of paramount importance to us.  We specialise in continuously improving our knowledge of adhesive technology, manufacturing processes and new customer substrates.  In summary, excellent customer service is a core value to our company.

For instance, our four UK field based technical sales personnel have over 105 years experience of working in the industrial adhesives sector.  Indeed, at the heart of our culture is an ongoing desire to offer unrivalled adhesive knowledge and expertise.

Abrabond Technical Service Abrabond Technical Service

Abrabond Technical Service  – par excellence!

Abrabond offers its customers a complete technical service back up package.  And this is supported by on-site visits, substrate testing, plus reports – produced by our laboratory experts.  Our laboratory team has the additional back-up of many experienced adhesive chemists employed by our adhesive toll-producers.  And most of these have been supplying adhesives globally for over fifty years.

Technical Service Technical Service

Laboratory Facilities

Technical Director, Anthony Jackson, has over 30 years experience of industrial adhesives chemistry.  He has a longstanding background in developing novel water based and hot melt adhesives products.  His technical team are responsible for product development and assuring the quality of all adhesives manufactured by our Corzak Group companies.

Our modern laboratory enables our staff to undertake a large spectrum of work including adhesion testing, solubility testing, accurate measurement of viscosity, solids content (using oven, moisture balance and refractometer methodology), hot melt adhesive softening point, and product pH.

We also have the equipment that enables us to undertake surface energy testing, coat weight analysis, climatic testing, gloss measurement, surface resistivity, water resistance, hydrogen peroxide resistance and heat resistance.

We carry out K-Bar and Sheen cube coating of adhesives.  Another key point is we have our own digital microscope to aid us with a wide variety of adhesive-related problem solving.

What’s more, we have access to Finat and PSTC testing including peel, T peel, loop tack, rolling ball tack, shear and lap strength testing for wood adhesives.

For the packaging sector, we offer environmental testing including compostability and biodegradation.  All this and more makes the Abrabond technical service package unequalled.

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