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Types of Packaging Adhesives

Here at Abrabond we’ve been in the packaging adhesives industry for over 30 years.  During that time we have gained a first class reputation in the sector and are well known for meeting customer needs.  We are constantly looking for the next adhesive innovation and continually improve our manufacturing process to provide excellent products.

Basically, we specialise in providing an extensive selection of adhesives which we supply from five different UK locations.  And our packaging adhesives are broadly divided into two types; hot melt and water based.


Packaging Adhesives – which is best for me?


1. Water Based Packaging Adhesives

Water based adhesives are widely used because of their stability and consistency on the machine.  This makes them very easy to use and provides high quality results.  Furthermore, our water based packaging adhesives can be used in a variety of application systems.  Please view our page on water based adhesives for more information or get in touch with us directly.

packaging adhesives

2. Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot melts, are basically blocks or ‘granules’ of solid adhesive which are melted in a tank (or glue gun).  They are used to provide immediate strong bonds to a variety of packaging substrates.  As a result, their foremost use is in combination with machines which run at fast speeds.  Our hot melt packaging adhesives are well known for their stability in the melt-tank and have a very long pot life.  This results in very low levels of charring/degradation and consequently, therefore, reduces machine down-time.  This in turn makes them particularly cost effective and a popular option for the packaging industry.

Our packaging adhesives bond a selection of boards including recycled, varnished and GR.  They afford the optimum level of versatility, whatever materials you’re working with.  We offer customers a comprehensive free technical back-up service , supported by site visits and substrate testing to ensure that you produce only the highest quality packaging products.

You can also find out more about hot melt adhesives here.


Contact Abrabond for Packaging Adhesives:

Our team of field-based sales specialists and technical service chemists have over 150 years experience of industrial adhesive application experience, so get in touch for more information.  Consequently, we can respond quickly to any questions you may have, and are happy to provide a tailor-made solution to your bonding needs if required.


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