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Roofing Adhesives

Roofing adhesives are being increasingly used to fix industrial roofing materials in place.  And that’s because more and more commercial buildings are having flat roofs sealed with polymeric roofing membranes.  Why is this?  The answer lies in the fact that these systems offer a long service life; especially when compared with traditional flat roofing systems.

Abrabond manufactures a very special range of high performance water-based EPDM roofing adhesives in our Accrington, Lancashire UK plant.  What’s more, we have many years proven track-record of supplying our products into this demanding sector.  We also undertake full and comprehensive testing on all batches, so you can be sure of our product quality.  To back this up, product specifications and batch test results are available on request to give you complete peace-of-mind.


Special roofing adhesives

We source our high performance PU and solvent-based adhesives from experienced, carefully selected UK and Western European toll-producers.  These special products form part of our range of hand applied and sprayable contact adhesives.  Additionally, we have specially formulated our single-part moisture curing PU adhesives to meet the demands of bonding fleece-backed membranes.

In summary, our full range of water-based, solvent-based and 100% solids liquid PU’s offer a complete solution to your needs.


Roofing Adhesives Roofing Adhesives


We are able to give you advise regarding the best way to bond any of the following materials and systems with our roofing adhesives:


  • Single ply systems
  • Fleece backed membranes
  • TPO and PVC
  • EPDM
  • Insulation Panels

We also offer special contact cements to bond, for example, upstands.  In addition, our adhesives make it simple to get a perfect bond around skylights and those other difficult roof areas. Finally, we also offer cartridge and canister adhesives together with a full range of cleaners and thinners.  For more information about our products and services please contact us here

Roofing Adhesives Roofing Adhesives


Abrabond Ltd is part of the Corzak Group of UK Adhesives companies.