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Roofing Adhesives

More and more commercial buildings are having flat or pitched roofs protected with polymeric roofing membranes to give long service life.

We manufacture our own very special range of high spec. water-based EPDM roofing adhesives in our Accrington, Lancashire UK plant.  Our proven products have many years track-record in this demanding sector.  We undertake full and comprehensive testing on all batches.  Product spec’s and batch test results are available on request in order to give our customers complete peace-of-mind.

Our high performance solvent-based adhesives are sourced from experienced, carefully selected UK and Western European toll producers.

Our full range of water based, solvent based and 100% solids liquid PU’s have been developed to enable us to offer a complete solution to your individual on-site needs.


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We are able to advise you with the bonding any of the following materials and systems:

  • Single ply systems
  • Fleece backed membranes
  • TPO and PVC
  • EPDM
  • Insulation Panels

We have special contact cements to bond upstands, and to enable you to get a perfect bond around skylights and those other more difficult areas on the roof. We also offer cartridge and canister adhesives together with a full range of cleaners and thinners.

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